Mother India: Life Through the Eyes of the Orphan

Release Date: April 23, 2013

“Mother India” is a documentary, narrated by Rebecca St. James, about two guys who go to India to spend time with orphans who have been abandoned and forgotten. The purpose of the video is to tell the stories of the orphans such as where they come from, how they were abandoned, and how they live. It is crazy to see what these kids have to do to live, and the stories that they share are hard to listen to because they have been through more torture and abuse than I, or some of you, could ever dream of happening to us. I have watched several documentaries and films about the poor and destitute, and I have been in church services where there would be guest speakers for causes just like this one. “Mother India” has a unique quality that captures what life is really like for these kids who have nothing, but each other. Some are on drugs and smoking by age 10 and many have AIDS and other diseases from sharing needles.

The film was captured over a two-week period in 2012 with a small production team. The two gentlemen that you see who are engaging these orphans, David Trotter and Shawn Scheinoha, are first-time filmmakers, and they knock this film out of the park. It was very well done. They show us the reality that most of us are oblivious to or just choose to ignore. But if you watch this film you will not be able to ignore it any longer. There is something about the stories of these kids that will break your heart and make you want to support ministries that can help them.

This is a documentary so, of course, there are a lot of interviews with the kids and each one have dreams of having homes and families of their own. They want to be members of society instead of poor beggers, who live on the streets fighting diseases such as AIDS with no medical attention or help whatsoever. It was shocking to me to see how these orphans live and survive day to day.

Normally in a film review there is a section that critiques the movie or film’s production, story line, and acting. I really have no complaints with this film. It was really well done. I can’t critique the acting because there wasn’t any. The story line is real life. There are a lot of things that I commend the filmmakers for and the number one thing is that they engaged these young people in a way so different than any other documentary would do. They slept where the orphans slept and lived the life of the orphan to get first hand experience on what this life was like.

I am rating this film with 4 stars. It was really well done and gave a real challenge. My hat is off to David Trotter, Noah Lamberth, and Shawn Scheinoha for getting out of their comfort zone to show a little love to those who may have never gotten it before. The film has already received some recognition, as it was voted “Best Short Documentary” at the 2012 San Diego Christian Film Festival.

Word Films is set to release this film on DVD April 23, so look for it. It is definitely worth it.

I am hosting a free giveaway of this film. If you would like to enter the drawing email your address to and put “Mother India” in the subject line. Drawing closes on April 26 at 5:00 pm.

UPDATE: A winner has been chosen!

Congradulations to: Sean Mercer from Homerville, GA

Thanks to everyone who participated in the drawing. Hopefully there will be more. So stay tuned.


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